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You may be reading this title thinking ‘it is easy to order ice cream cones and ingredients from Antonelli - why do we need an article telling us how to do it?’. As you may be aware you can follow us on a number of social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are ideal for profiling images of our ice cream cones, ice cream and gelato creations and especially our ice cream training courses. Such platforms also allow us to interact with your sites and pages. Occasionally however some people do try and place orders via these channels or even text or What’s App message staff with their orders.

Why we don’t encourage ordering ice cream cones via social media

As we have identified, social media platforms provide an ideal forum for sharing images and news about products and events we are attending. However, as the Antonelli social media pages are not monitored by our customer service staff who process our customer orders. If customers try and place an order via these channels or indeed What’s App or text there is a high risk that we might not see the order request immediately. In fact sometimes if the order is sent to a What’s App belonging to one of our Business Relationship Managers or an individual member of the technical team it could be missed for a longer period if that person is on leave. This will inevitably lead to disappointment for customers expecting a prompt delivery. However there are three easy ways to order, so let’s instead look at the ways you can place an order…

Placing an order for Antonelli ice cream cones and MEC3 flavours & ingredients

Placing an order with Antonelli is easy. Here are the methods you can use:

  • Register on our website and simply make an order enquiry online https://antonelli.co.uk/account/login. Once you are verified as a customer you can build up your own favourites list (or we can help you with this based on your order history) so future orders will be even more straightforward - just select how many of each product you require, select the delivery address and press send. The benefit of this method and the customised spreadsheet below is that the product codes are already on the order so there is less risk of the incorrect product being selected.
  • Email us: orders@antonelli.co.uk. Emails can be in any format but your Business Relationship Manager will be happy to generate a customised spreadsheet to make this more convenient for you. This and the online method are recommended most highly as they both avoid any verbal miscommunication such as when a call is made from a mobile with poor signal.
  • Telephone Customer Service: 0161 789 4485.

If you need any assistance with information on recipe ingredients or product information or on setting up to order via the website, just ask your local Business Relationship Manager or call our friendly Customer Service Staff on the number above.

Posted on 15 November 2018 Category Waffle Cones

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