Going from Strength to Strength


As you will be aware Antonelli and MEC3 have been working together for many years now, with Antonelli being the sole UK distributor for this world leading Italian ingredients and flavour house. You may have heard news about a change in ownership of MEC3, so we thought you may like to know the detail.

A little bit of MEC3 history

MEC3 started in the Italian and German markets just 33 years ago, they had great success in bringing innovative ideas and the highest quality ingredients to gelato and ice cream makers. That success rapidly spread throughout Europe then on into the Middle and Far East. With its expansion to Africa, South and North America as well as Canada, there was a need to restructure the management and make large capital investment to support the growth. So it was no surprise when the business was sold.

In February 2014 the ownership of MEC3 passed to Riverside, an investment company with a broad international portfolio. MEC3 Founder & President Giordano Emendatori explained “After 30 years of developing MEC3, I am delighted to see the company in the hands of an experienced growth-focused investor like Riverside.” Karsten Langer partner of Riverside was keen to build on the very strong foundation at MEC3; “we plan to carefully and strategically enhance the company so that it thrives and retains its Italian essence.”

Having succeeded in their aims, in November 2016 Riverside were approached by several companies who were keen to buy MEC3. It was Charter House whose offer made them the preferred bidder. Charter House are London based and keen to take advantage of the new structure and deliver on the next growth stage. As a result of this investment, MEC3 now has a new larger 1.2.1 School of Gelato, expanded production facilities and subsidiaries in various parts of the world satisfying the lust of 130 countries for MEC3 products that are bred from the Italian Passion for Gelato.

What does this mean for MEC3 customers?

Well as you would expect we have been monitoring the situation closely, I am pleased to say that no news is good news! Apart from a few product availability issues and delays in shipments during early 2017 due to the introduction of a new distribution hub near Milan, everything is as good as it has always been with MEC3. The new warehouse facility released space for production expansion as well as placing stock geographically in a more efficient position for European logistics. MEC3 continue to bring innovation to the market. Other suppliers can only aspire to the success of MEC3 products. The high level and breadth of quality across their extensive range of base pre-blends, pastes and variegati has always been second to none and remains so. “It’s how you get to number 1 in the world in such a competitive market,” concludes Mark Antonelli Director of Sales & Technical Support, “like any business, if you significantly grow the scale of the business you invariably need to make some important management changes. I am pleased to report that MEC3 have chosen well and the company continues to grow in stature across the world, whilst retaining those Italian food values that we here in the UK value so much.”

Antonelli continues as sole UK distributor for MEC3

So, MEC3 continues to lead the world market with ingredients and has the backing of strong financial investors. In the UK, Antonelli is growing market share in order to bring great value, quality and service to the Ice cream/Gelato market from right here in Manchester - the heart of the UK. Our relationship with customers continue to strengthen as we offer more services and fine products to increase fun and profit to their businesses. With support from MEC3’s Italian chefs and the quality and selection of its products unrivalled in the market, Antonelli also brings to the relationship the knowledge and understanding of the UK market and what you - our customers expect. To see the range of products available see our product pages or contact us for more details info@antonelli.co.uk.

Posted on 18 December 2017 Category Company

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