What are your favourite Antonelli products?


What's your favourite Ice cream Cone?

You may have noticed that we now have a heart image on the top menu bar of the website. This is so you can create a favourites list. All you need to do is register by completing the form with your company contact details and once your account has been verified you can then click on the heart in the top left and corner of each product image. When the heart changes to dark pink it means you have added it to your favourites list. You can easily add extra products or equally remove them from your list by editing the list itself or simply clicking on the heart on each product image as appropriate.

So whether your favourite products are our in-house baked waffle, wafer and sugar cones or our intense MEC3 ice cream ingredients and flavours, or perhaps you like our wafers and curls from Bussy or our chocolate decorations & inclusions from Barry Callebaut. By creating a favourites list you can speed up your next order enquiry, as you can simply add your selection from your favourites to your order enquiry.

If you have any questions about the website or its functionality please contact sam@antonelli.co.uk.

Posted on 03 June 2015 Category Company

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