Celebrating 15 years of gelato ingredient ‘Cookies®’


Believe it or not, this year MEC3 are celebrating 15 years of Cookies® gelato ingredients and to mark the occasion they have developed a Cookies® Party Kit. This is a great opportunity to hold an event to invite existing and potential new customers to your parlour or gelateria. It also enables you to try a whole host of new Cookies® recipes and test them out on your customers to see which Cookies® gelato ingredients they like best. You could even get customers to fill out a taste questionnaire so you get to learn what your market expects from their gelato.

Cookies® Party

The first UK parlour to hold a Cookies® Party was Whipee Gelato based in Leicester. With the support of Stefania Bonadies of MEC3 and Michelle Williams our own Sales Manager for the Midlands, a number of new and well rehearsed Cookies® creations were made…

If the weather has been dampening down your sales, why not hold a Cookies® Party and encourage more people through your doors and what’s more have a bit a of fun at the same time? Or maybe you have an anniversary coming up yourself or a local festival to celebrate, or maybe you are just looking for an excuse to host an event and attract some attention to your fantastic gelato?

Whatever the reason you will be interested to know that the Cookies® Party kit includes an array of goodies including t-shirts and caps for your serving team to wear, as well as balloons and giveaways to help promote your event. There are even some limited edition Cookies® flavours with which to experiment.

This could be a great crowd puller over the summer especially if the sunshine disappears again! For more information and advice on how to plan your Cookies® Party speak to your Antonelli Sales Manager. Alternatively email us sam@antonelli.co.uk.

MEC3 Cookies®

You may be a regular purchaser and user of MEC3 Cookies® gelato ingredients, but are you aware of all the variations of Cookies® available from MEC3? Did you know for example that there is now a Gluten Free Cookies® option? ​

There is also of course the ever popular Biscottino as well as Cookies® Black and a selection of Cookies® biscuits and grains for decoration. See our new Ingredients Brochure for more information on pack sizes and order codes, or go to Cookies®.

Did you know how many different recipes you can create by using Cookies® gelato ingredients?

The greatest benefit of the Cookies® range is the flexibility to be able to make a wide selection of desserts all by using the same product. In fact you could almost fill an entire cabinet just by using Cookies® as your main gelato ingredient. Ask your Antonelli Sales Manager for one of the MEC3 Cookies® recipe books.

Posted on 19 July 2016 Category Making ice cream

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