Vegan ice cream base you can actually roll


Have you been looking for a vegan ice cream base that you can use for making ice cream rolls or ‘pan fried’ or ‘stir fried’ ice cream? It has been brought to our attention by one of our customers that the MEC3 Vegan Crema base is one of the few vegan base products that can be successfully used to make vegan ice cream rolls. Read more from Manchester’s Ice Alchemist below…

We had been looking for a vegan ice cream mix that would work on our ice pans for 2 years. Our Director, Becky, is vegan and developing an exciting vegan menu has been important to us from the beginning.

Since 2017 we have been experimenting with vegan ice cream recipes at home and had tried to rework the recipes printed on the side of shop-bought vegan traditional scoop ice cream. We had even discussed creating a vegan mix with a development laboratory at a University! We just couldn't get it right. The mix would shard in to a thousand pieces as soon as it hit our frozen pans and refused to roll like our dairy mix does.

We create luxury Ice Cream Rolls and we wouldn't compromise on quality. If the vegan mix wasn't a quality product then we wouldn't be offering it, so we didn't.....or at least not until we discovered Antonelli. For the 3 months of Summer 2019 we had an Ice Cream and Dessert House in Hatch, central Manchester. With this came a range of networking and opportunities with local Manchester based businesses and it was through our presence in the city that we were given a sample of the MEC3 Crema Vegan from Antonelli. We invited Sam from Antonelli to the shop. We gathered around an ice pan to test this product that held so much promise....and oh how we did the biggest happy dance when it rolled! There was even more dancing when we tasted how good it was mixed with Oreos or with mango and passion fruit.

Vegan ice cream rolls proved to be incredibly popular and we haven't looked back. We were the only ice cream rolls business to offer a vegan version in Manchester city centre and in the first couple of weeks we were selling out! We now offer vegan ice cream rolls at all the events we cater and the uptake has been huge.”

Sam Cunliffe, Antonelli’s Business Relationship Manager for the North takes up the story: “It is always a pleasure to see a satisfied customer, but to see them so excited and to be able to provide a solution to a long term problem is tremendous. They really did dance around the frozen pan, when it rolled! This is the bonus of having the quality of the MEC3 products as part of our product range. I look forward to many more customer dances in the future!”

So if you want to make vegan ice cream rolls then consider using the MEC3 Crema Base. Browse our full range of MEC3 flavours and ingredients to help you produce a consistently high quality ice cream or gelato. If you are interested in ice cream training courses either for start ups whether you require beginner ice cream making or specialist training for established ice cream makers, take a look at our dedicated training website Alternatively if you would prefer to receive our product brochure or talk to one of our Business Relationship Managers then contact us.

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Posted on 22 October 2019 Category Making ice cream

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